Courses in Energy Healing, including Reiki I & II, Sechiem I and II

Chakra CadeceusWith Mark O'Sullivan - Reiki I Course  |  Reiki  II  Course  |

Introduction to energy healing with Reiki I and Secheim I

Learn the basic techniques of energy healing using Reiki. History & Philosophy. Grounding, Hand positions, self healing, holding space, running energy, clearing and cleansing. Plinths are provided for practice.

About the Tutor:
Mark O'SullivanMark O'Sullivan has practiced energy-based therapies for over 20 years, starting with the Amethyst school of healing, working with various healing circles in Dublin and progressing to teacher level in Reiki and Sechiem. Mark has read widely in energy therapies and his approach is influenced by Brennan Healing Science and Intentional Healing. He has practiced healing privately, for charities and at summer festivals such as the Electric Picnic.

Mark is a qualified, registered homeopath, has worked with the Bach Flower remedies and other essences for decades and develops his own essences and remedies. Mark loves to teach & share what he's learned with an interactive, collaborative style

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Pay €140 in full - ( €50 non-refundable in the event of cancellation.)

Course Outline:

Day 1 - Saturday 9th June

Day 2

Enhancing energy healing practice with Reiki II and Secheim II

chakrasEnhance your healing practice with deeper insight into the energies, the Reiki II symbols, distance healing and using supportive measures like colour remedies and flower essences.

About the Tutor:
Mark O'Sullivan - see above in Reiki I description.


Pay €170 in full - ( €50 non-refundable in the event of cancellation.)

Course Outline

Day One -

Day Two -