1. Courses in Colour Remedies, Tissue Salts and Horticultural Homeopathy this July
    Sent June 28th 2013

    Dear Subscribers, How the year has flown already - in this ripening month of July I hope to entice you with a number of forthcoming courses in Dublin and around the country. - The Homeopathic Colour Remedies - Sat 27th July, Dublin 6. 60 - Introductio...

  2. Homeopathy for the Garden - this Sat 11th in Dublin 4
    Sent May 9th 2013

    Hello Subscribers, Now that the growing season is in full swing - a quick reminder of the Homeopathy for the Garden course between 11am and 3pm this coming Saturday 11th at the Heritage Community Garden in Donnybrook, Dublin 4. Keep an eye your inbox ...

  3. Reminder: Bach Flowers & Tissue Salts for 60 in Ranelagh this coming weekend
    Sent April 2nd 2013

    Dear Readers, A brief reminder of this offer for two courses coming up this weekend (not to be repeated!) of both Tissue Salts and Bach Flower Remedies introductions - both classes for just 60. Book your place for one or both courses here: http://www.b...

  4. Bach Flowers & Tissue Salts weekend 6th & 7th April in Ranelagh - just 60
    Sent March 27th 2013

    Dear Subscribers, This is a reminder about the Bach Flowers & Tissue Salts weekend coming up on the 6th & 7th of April for just 60 at Appletree Health & Wellness, Ranelagh, Dublin 6. Book your place for one or both courses here: http://www.bachremedie...

  5. This weekend - Tissue Salts & Bach Flower courses in Cork
    Sent March 5th 2013

    Dear Readers, Bach Flower Remedies & Tissue Salts in Cork - 9th & 10th March in Dervish, Cork City 10.30am to 3.30pm For those of you based near Cork, there's an opportunity to attend both the Bach Flower Remedies and Tissue Salts this weekend at Dervis...

  6. Upcoming Tissue Salt, Bach Flower & Homeopathy for the Garden Courses
    Sent February 14th 2013

    Dear Friends, Happy new year to you all - here are some of the Tissue Salt, Bach Flower and Homeopathy for the Garden courses planned over the next few months. I hope you'll have the opportunity to come along to some of them. The Bach Flower and Tissue ...

  7. Christmas Remedy Kits - Bach Flowers, Tissue Salt & Homeopathy for the Garden
    Sent December 4th 2012

    (Mailing list information, including unsubscription instructions, is located at the end of this message.) __ Dear Subscribers, With winter truly upon us and the Christmas lights twinkling everywhere, this is no time to be running any courses - I...

  8. 12 Tissue Salts Course this Sunday 21st Oct - Appletree, Ranelagh
    Sent October 17th 2012

    Dear Healers, A brief reminder of the 12 Tissue salts course this coming Sunday at Appletree Health and Wellness in Ranelagh 11am to 3pm - The Tissue Salts are a very useful & easy therapeutic, health-building string to your bow. More details here: http...

  9. Homeopathy for the Garden & Tissue Salts - courses in October
    Sent October 1st 2012

    Dear Subscribers, I hope you all had a wonderful summer and caught at least a few sunbeams. I've been very busy running Homeoapthy for the Garden courses around the country, including at the Organic Centre in Leitim. The word is out that these remedies a...

  10. Homeopathy for the Garden - this Sunday 29th of June in Donnybrook
    Sent July 27th 2012

    Hello Subscribers, *** Homeopathy for the Garden *** A quick reminder of this weekend's Homeopathy for the Garden course at the Heritage Community Garden in Donnybrook from 11am to 4pm. 50 for the day. Learn how to treat your plants with Homeopathy -...

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This is a mailing list for notifying those interested in attending upcoming courses run on The Bach Flower Remedies and other Essences, Tissue Salts, Tinctures, Colour remedies, Homeopathy for the Garden and others by Mark O'Sullivan, Homeopath.

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