Date: June 11th 2012

Dear Readers,

Hopefully today's rays of sunshine will last the week and spread to Bundoran, Co. Donegal this coming Sunday for a workshop in how to use Homeopathy to treat the plants in your garden. Aphids? no problem. Slugs? We've got it covered - and more.

The workshop is free and runs from 1.30pm to 4.30pm this Sunday 17th June.

For more info & to book, contact Mary Kate Hagan on 087 9411449 or email at

======== Homeopathy for the Garden. Workshop in Bundoran ========

Would you like a pest-free garden full of robust, healthy, productive plants?

Would you like to achieve this easily, inexpensively, sustainably and without toxicity?

Come to a practical workshop exploring the theory and practice of Agrohomeopathy with Mark O'Sullivan, homeopath and environmentalist.

The workshop will be in the appropriate environment of the Bundoran Transition Town allotments.

Learn how to:

- repel slugs, beetles & pests in a safe, effective, non-toxic manner.
- heal fungal and bacterial diseases
- balance nutrient excesses & deficiencies
- restore damaged or traumatised plants and soils
- prepare and apply the homeopathic remedies for plants

For more info & to book, contact Mary Kate Hagan on 087 9411449 or email at

Facebook page for the event:


PS If you can't make this Agrohomeoapthy workshp, there'll be another day-long workshop in Agrohomeopathy as follows:

Sat 17th of September in Castlebar, Co. Mayo
Contact Cleo De Vito on 085 1754 916 or for more info.
€20 for the day.

I'll be in touch again about forthcoming courses in Dublin, Portadown and Limerick.

be well,


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