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  1. Tissue Salts Advanced - Sat 8th Oct Ranelagh 10-4pm 65
    Sent September 26th 2016

    Dear Friends and Subscribers, Have you already done a Tissue Salts course? Do you want to know more? Grow your practice of the #TissueSalts with the advanced range of 15 salts. They broaden the therapeutic versatility of the Biochemic system and deepen t...

  2. Bach Flower Remedies intro - Saturday 20th Aug, Ranelagh 10am-4pm 65
    Sent August 11th 2016

    Dear Friends and Subscribers, On Saturday 20th August in Ranelagh 10am to 4pm for 65: A hands-on session of working with the Bach Flowers through discussion, exercises and casework. You'll come away equipped with an overview of Flower Essences, how to...

  3. Tissue Salts Advanced and other upcoming courses from Homeopathy Dublin.
    Sent July 8th 2016

    Dear Friends and Subscribers, So, the summer has turned out to be quite conducive to indoor learning :) If you want to broaden your range of therapeutic approaches - now looks like a good moment to choose your course. Tissue Salts Advanced course - broa...

  4. Bach Flower Remedies in a nutshell this Saturday 25th June
    Sent June 21st 2016

    Dear Friends & Subscribers, **This Coming Saturday 25th ** - Introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies List liggers - book before Thurs 1pm and bring a friend for half price. CC payments usng this link: h...

  5. New Level 2 Tissue Salts course on Sat 9th April - the 15 extended Tissue Salts.
    Sent March 29th 2016

    Hello all, A brand new course - Tissue Salts level 2 on Saturday week - 9th April - in Ranelagh. A new follow-on course, over one day, for those who have already attended the introduction to the 12 tissue salts with me or as part of CNM's Naturopathy St...

  6. Bach Flowers, Tissue Salts, Tinctures and other Courses Message
    Sent November 15th 2015

    Dear Friends and Subscribers Strengthen yourself, clients and loved ones against the onslaught of winter with the 12 Tissue Salts; a simple, safe and useful therapeutic system to add to your skill set. Classes coming up in Ranelagh this Saturday 21st of ...

  7. Homeopathic Colour Remedies - this coming Sat 24th Oct
    Sent October 19th 2015

    Dear Friends and Subscribers, This coming Saturday 24th, come learn about the Homeopathic Colour Remedies; They form a sub-set of ten remedies in Homeopathy prescribed by indications from the chakra system. They can be used safely by healers looking to...

  8. Near Limerick? Tissue Salts Course this Saturday 26th
    Sent September 22nd 2015

    Dear Friends and Subscribers, For those living near Limerick - a Tissue Salts course happening in the city this Saturday 26th 10am - 4pm A sound, one-day introduction to each cell salt, their clinical indications and paper cases which will have you pres...

  9. Intro to the Bach Flower Remedies - Sat 5th Sept 10-4pm, D6 65
    Sent August 27th 2015

    Dear Friends and Subscribers, This Bachflower course coming up on Saturday week - I hope you can make it along. M Introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies Sat 5th September 10am-4pm, 126 Ranelagh. Dublin 6, 65 with Mark O'Sullivan BA LicISH ISHom - mar...

  10. This Sat 15th - Tissue Salts Introductory Course 10-4 D6 65
    Sent August 12th 2015

    Dear Friends & Subscribers, This coming Saturday - introductory course to the Tissue Salts. Simple, safe and useful. at Appletree Health and Wellness, Ranelagh on Sat 15th August. 10 to 4pm 65. Details here:

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