Date: March 29th 2016

Hello all,

A brand new course - Tissue Salts level 2 on Saturday week - 9th April - in Ranelagh.

A new follow-on course, over one day, for those who have already attended the introduction to the 12 tissue salts with me or as part of CNM's Naturopathy Study course.

After Scheusller's 12 classic tissue salts, his followers identified a further 15 Biochemic salt remedies active in the metabolic processes of the body, the "extended" range of 27 Tissue Salts is commonly recognised in Germany.

This extended range of remedies broaden the therapeutic versatility of the Biochemic system and deepen the action of the classic salts. They provide the opportunity to address more complex, contemporary conditions and specific organ supports.

This is a day for sharing clinical experience using the classic salts and introducing the first remedies from the extended Biochemic range. Places limited, etc.

Tissue Salts L2.0
Saturday 12th March '16 - Appletree Health & Wellness, 126 Ranelagh, Dublin
fee: €65
book: Contact Mark on 087 2380720 or

There's more vibrational medicine courses coming up in the Colour Remedies, Bach Flowers and Classic Tissue Salts listed here:

In case you missed it, here's an excellent summary of how to support coughs with Homeopathy.

Enjoy the sun.

Mark O'S

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