Date: November 15th 2015

Dear Friends and Subscribers

Strengthen yourself, clients and loved ones against the onslaught of winter with the 12 Tissue Salts; a simple, safe and useful therapeutic system to add to your skill set.

Classes coming up in Ranelagh this Saturday 21st of November (€65)

and in Manorhamilton Co. Leitrim on Sat 5th December at the Seomra Yoga Chluainín. (early bird €55 now on)

These and the upcoming 2016 courses all listed here:

The good news is that next year, I'll be adding two new courses to the current offerings -

1) Colour Remedies Day 2 - where we explore the colour remedies in greater depth and look at associated crystal remedies.

2) Tissue Salts Part 2 - the extended 15 tissue salts - well known in Germany, these additional remedies deepen this therapeutic system with potent new remedies.

I hope you can make it to one of these - stay warm!



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