Date: March 5th 2013

Dear Readers,

Bach Flower Remedies & Tissue Salts in Cork - 9th & 10th March in Dervish, Cork City 10.30am to 3.30pm

For those of you based near Cork, there's an opportunity to attend both the Bach Flower Remedies and Tissue Salts this weekend at Dervish in Cork City.

This weekend deal is just €60 for both days tuition.

If you do want to go, please ensure that you book before Wednesday of this week - details on this page:
Or call Mark on 087 2380720

Cork Weekend Details here:
- Bach Flowers Sat 9th March -
- Tissue Salts Sun 10th March -

The 12 tissue salts are a simple, effective, widely available and economical set of natural remedies capable of addressing a surprisingly comprehensive range of physical issues. More here:

The Bach Flower Remedies are the original flower essences. Beyond the Rescue Remedy, Bach's simple system of 38 essences form a complete therapeutic system for the mind and emotions. More here:

see you there,


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