Date: December 4th 2012

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Dear Subscribers,

With winter truly upon us and the Christmas lights twinkling everywhere, this is no time to be running any courses - I'll be announcing Bach Flower, Tissue Salt and Homeopathy for the Garden courses in the new year from February onwards in Cork, Dublin and Limerick.

In the meantime - you might like a remedy kit for Christmas? I have three kits available

1) Practitioners Tissue Salt Kit
2) Colour Remedy Kit
3) Homeopathy for the Garden basic kit.

1) Practitioners Tissue Salt kit - €110

The 12 Tissue salts in 9x Alcohol medicating potency - used to make your own Tissue Salt preparations and mixes in a 30ml bottle, like the Bach Flower Remedies. Will last for years of busy use.

Contains twelve 10ml bottles in an attractive box with a leaflet insert on the common combinations for named ailments.

2) Set of 10 Colour Remedies in 30c - €45

All the colour remedies, plus Spectrum - 10 3g pill phials in an attractive box. Comes with booklets on the colour remedies (eBooks).

Includes Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Indigo and Violet, plus Spectrum in 30c.

Here's a photo of the kit

3) Homeopathy for the Garden - top 5 Remedies. €50

This kit consists of 5 of the most popular remedies for gardeners.

- Helix Tosta 9x - Slug and Snail control
- Coccinella 9x - Control of aphids, sawfly, whitefly and other soft-bodied flies.
- Silica 12x - General booster for plants, dieback, fungal infections, mildew.
- Calendula 6x - Universal companion plant - nematode & ant control. Damaged plants.
- B.Thuringiensis - Caterpillar and larvae control.

To order any kit, contact Mark on 087 2380720 or to arrange payment & delivery.

I'd like to wish all my subscribers a Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.




Mark O'Sullivan Lic.I.S.H. ISHom - Registered Homeopath
Phone: 087 2380720
Website: Dublin Homeopath
Twitter: @homeopath

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