Date: July 5th 2012

Hello Subscribers,

Thank you for your interest in these Agrohomeopathy and Tissue Salts courses. Summer has graced us with her sunshine, ableit behind a veil of rain or clouds sometimes but with festivals and barbeques running on regardless, this is the season to be outdoors.

For classes and courses, July has an outdoor gardening theme - Agrohomeopathy - treating plants for pests & disease with Homeopathy.
Practical Workshop in Dublin at the beautiful Donnnybrook Heritage Community garden on Sunday 29th of July

Agrohomeopathy workshops also at the Dublin Rose Festival at St. Anne's Park on 21st/22nd July at Castlebar on 15th of September. see below for details.

The tissue salts continue in their popularity as simple, inexpensive and effective remedies. The next course is on Sunday 22nd July at the Dublin Holistic Centre. (see below)

:-: Homeopathy for the Garden :-:

- At the Rose Festival in Raheny's St. Annes Park on Sat/Sun 21st & 22nd. see here for more details:

- Sunday 29th of July at the Heritage Community Garden, Donnybrook Dublin 4. A day long workshop in Agrohomeopathy in beautiful surroundings. (€50 for the day)

- Agrohomeopathy in Castlebar, Co. Mayo on September 15th -

:-: Introduction to the Tissue Salts :-:

- Sunday 22nd of July at the Dublin Holistic Centre

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until next time,

Mark O'Sullivan
087 2380720

======== Homeopathy for the Garden ====================

Homeopathy for the Garden - at the Heritage Community Garden, Donnybrook Dublin 4
Sunday 29th July '12 11am to 4pm €50 (or €25 unwaged) 20 places.

Would you like a pest-free garden full of robust, healthy, productive plants?

Would you like to achieve this easily, inexpensively, sustainably and without toxicity?

Come to a practical workshop exploring the theory and practice of Agrohomeopathy with Mark O'Sullivan, homeopath and environmentalist.

Learn how to:

- repel slugs, beetles & pests in a safe, effective, non-toxic manner.
- heal fungal and bacterial diseases
- balance nutrient excesses & deficiencies
- restore damaged or traumatised plants and soils
- prepare and apply the homeopathic remedies for plants

The workshop will be in the beautiful surroundings of the Heritage Community Garden in Donnybrook, Dublin 4 allowing us to treat the plants as part of the workshop.
See their website here:

Please contact Mark O'Sullivan on 087 2380720 or to book your place. Numbers limited to 20. Tea and coffee available on site.

Pay for your place by credit card via PayPal using this link:

Find out more here:

======== Introduction to the 12 Tissue Salts ====================

The 12 tissue salts are brilliant. They can address a huge range of health issues, are inexpensive and easy to learn for practitioner and home prescriber alike. They are Homeopathy's best kept secret.

All disease arises from imbalances in the 12 vital salts found in each living cell and can be addressed by treatment with those same salts. This is the theory underpinning the use of these remedies.

Find out more on this Page:

Tissue salts are of great assistance:

- during pregnancy,
- recovery from chronic conditions,
- musculoskeletal issues,
- nervous, digestive and skin complaints.
- Restoring and improving vital functions
- assisting in elimination of toxins
- boosting energy levels.

They are simple and effective way for practitioners or home prescribers to achieve and maintain health. They are particularly useful to plinth-based practitioners who wish to provide their clients with ongoing, effective treatment for physical ailments inbetween appointments.

Join Mark O'Sullivan, Homeopath, on a one day workshop to receive a sound introduction to each cell salt, their clinical indications and exercises which will have you prescribing with confidence.

Please call Mark O'Sullivan on 087 2380720 or to book. €70 for the day.

Pay by credit card via PayPal using this link:

Find out more on this Page:
and here

Here is what one participant had to say about the last course:

"I have to say it was a wonderful course yesterday, you packed so much into one day in a fun, informative and relaxed way.
Thoroughly enjoyed it ... and you gave a wealth of new information too that tied in with Homeopathy, Bach Flowers and ordinary common sense."


until next time,


Mark O'Sullivan Lic.I.S.H. ISHom - Registered Homeopath
Phone: 087 2380720
Twitter: @homeopath

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