Date: May 8th 2012

Dear Subscribers,

I hope you're enjoying the intermittent sunshine & blooming nature all around this May.

This is to let you know that you can attend "Colour Remedies and the Chakras" this coming Saturday in Limerick.

This day will be an exploration of the Chakra system and using Chakra diagnosis to prescribe from the Homeopathic Colour Remedy range as a way of charging and balancing the energy bodies. This is a simple and appealing way of creating conditions conducive to health in the body and to support you (and your clients, where applicable) in your personal development.

If this interests you, please contact Dee Barry on 086 0521022 to book your place.

The course will take place in Limerick's Absolute Hotel from 10am 'till 5pm.

The next course in Dublin will be on Sunday 27th of May at the Dublin Holistic Centre. Details to follow.



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