Date: January 24th 2012

Dear Subscribers,

I hope you're all having a fruitful new year. Advertising agencies report that a trend for '12 will be people seeking their own healthcare solutions. These courses are ideal for empowering you with an additional everyday healthcare strategy, as both systems are easy to use and cost effective methods of physical and emotional healing.

I'll be running the next Bach Flower Remedy and Tissue Salt courses, both toward the end of February in Room 3 of the Dublin Holistic Centre between 10am and 4pm. Both are €70 for the day.

1. Intro to the Biochemic Tissue Salts - Sunday 19th February
2. Intro to the Bach Flower Remedies - Sunday 26th of February

Also, potential to run a Tissue Salts course in Sligo on Saturday 3rd of March - contact me if interested.

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======== Introduction to the 12 Tissue Salts ====================

The 12 tissue salts are brilliant. They can address a huge range of health issues, are inexpensive and easy to learn for practitioner and home prescriber alike. They are Homeopathy's best kept secret.

All disease arises from imbalances in the 12 vital salts found in each living cell and can be addressed by treatment with those same salts. This is the theory underpinning the use of these remedies.

Find out more on this Page:

Tissue salts are of great assistance:

- during pregnancy,
- recovery from chronic conditions,
- musculoskeletal issues,
- nervous, digestive and skin complaints.
- Restoring and improving vital functions
- assisting in elimination of toxins
- boosting energy levels.

They are simple and effective way for practitioners or home prescribers to achieve and maintain health. They are particularly useful to plinth-based practitioners who wish to provide their clients with ongoing, effective treatment for physical ailments inbetween appointments.

Join Mark O'Sullivan, Homeopath, on a one day workshop to receive a sound introduction to each cell salt, their clinical indications and exercises which will have you prescribing with confidence.

Find out more on this Page:

Here is what one participant had to say about the last course:

"I have to say it was a wonderful course yesterday, you packed so much into one day in a fun, informative and relaxed way.
Thoroughly enjoyed it ... and you gave a wealth of new information too that tied in with Homeopathy, Bach Flowers and ordinary common sense."

======== Introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies ====================

The Bach Flower Remedies are the original flower essences. Beyond the popular 'Rescue Remedy', Bach's simple system of 38 essences are a complete and supportive method of mental and emotional healing

They provide you as therapist with an additional safe and effective treatment with which to support your clients or as an enthusiast with a simple means to assist your friends, family and your own personal development.

Join me on another Introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies in Dublin on Sunday 18th September at the Dublin Holistic Centre, 28 South William St. Dublin 2, between 10am and 4.30pm

The day is a hands-on session of working with the Bach Flowers through discussion, exercises and casework. Participants will come away with a good overview of Flower Essences and how to use them in practice.

More detail on the course here:

Places are limited to 8 and the fee is €70 for the day. Contact Mark O'Sullivan on 087 2380720 or email me to book. Check out the web page for payment options.

Here's what some recent participants in the Bach Flower course had to say:
- "i really enjoyed the day and would like to do another... really loving using the remedies,, i'm nearly half way through the bottle we made on the course and really feeling the benefit"

"a big thank you for a great day yesterday, I really enjoyed it and am surprised at how much I learned in one day. I found the case studies very interesting and was quite taken aback when I discovered I could actually do them."


until next time,

Mark O'Sullivan Lic.I.S.H. ISHom

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