Date: March 9th 2011

Dear Subsribers,

With spring in full swing and all the flowers starting to wake up - this is the perfect time to acquaint yourself in how to lift spirits with a bunch of blossoms in essence form. Yes, I'm running another Healing with the Bach Flower Remedies introductory course - on Sunday 27th March in room 3 of the Dublin Holistic Centre between 10am and 4.30pm.

Even after 20 years of using the Bach Flowers, they still amaze me in how deeply and beautifully useful they can be for unwinding stress and emotional imbalance. They are an additional effective therapy which you can quickly add as a string to your bow when treating clients in either plinth or consultation based therapies. Come along on Sunday 27th and learn more.


The Bach Flower Remedies are the original flower essences. Beyond the popular 'Rescue Remedy', Bach's simple system of 38 essences are a complete and supportive method of mental and emotional healing

They provide you as therapist with an additional safe and effective treatment with which to support your clients or as an enthusiast with a simple means to assist your friends, family and your own personal development.

Join me on another Introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies in Dublin on Sunday 27th March at the Dublin Holistic Centre, 28 South William St. Dublin 2, between 10am and 4.30pm

The day is a hands-on session of working with the Bach Flowers through discussion, exercises and casework. Participants will come away with a good overview of Flower Essences and how to use them in practice.

More detail on the course here:

Pay in advance by credit card via PayPal here:

Places are limited to 8 and the fee is €70 for the day. You can reach
me on 087 2380720 or email me to book. Check out the web page for
payment options.

hoping to see you there,


Mark O'Sullivan Lic.I.S.H. ISHom
087 2380720

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