Date: April 24th 2009

Dear Subscribers,

There will be a Bachflower course scheduled soon but in the meantime, this may be of interest: I'm running two separate courses that might interest you in Energy healing with Reiki on Sundays at the Dublin Holistic Centre, Dublin 2.

Energy Healing with Reiki I - Sunday 10th & Sunday 17th of May
Learn the basic techniques of energy healing using Reiki.

History & Philosophy.
Reiki I attunement
Practice: Grounding, Hand positions, self healing, holding space, running energy,
Clearing and cleansing.
Practice sessions on plinths

Cost: €140 (€70 per day)
Learn more....

Energy Healing with Reiki II - Sunday 7th & Sunday 14th of June
Enhance your healing practice with deeper insight into & experience of healing. Reiki I is a prerequisite

Reiki II attunement
Using the Reiki II symbols
Distance healing
Using supportive measures like colour remedies and flower essences.
Practice sessions on plinths

Cost €140 (€70 per day)
Learn more ....

For more info, call me on 087 2380720 or follow the links above.
Look forward to hearing from you,


Mark O'Sullivan
087 2380720

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