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Bach Flowers, Tissue Salts, Tinctures and other Courses

This is a mailing list for notifying those interested in attending upcoming courses run on The Bach Flower Remedies and other Essences, Tissue Salts, Tinctures, Colour remedies, Homeopathy for the Garden and others by Mark O'Sullivan, Homeopath.

Last Message: Homeopathic Colour Remedies - This Sat 29th of Nov in Ranelagh

Dear Readers, I hope you're all well & healthy. As requested by some subscribers, there's a Colour Remedy workshop coming up on this Saturday 29th Nov in Ranelagh which you might like to join. See you there. ===== Homeopathic Colour Remedies ===== A ...


Reiki and Energy Healing courses

Occasional messages sent to inform subscribers of forthcoming Reiki, Secheim and energy healing courses run by Mark O'Sullivan


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