Introductions to the Bach Flower Remedies, Tissue Salts and Homeopathy for the Garden

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Learn about Healing with the Biochemic Tissue Salts course

with Mark O'Sullivan BA Lic.I.S.H. ISHom

The Bach Flower Remedies are the original flower essences. Beyond the Rescue Remedy, Bach's simple system of 38 essences are the best way in to this supportive method of mental and emotional healing - equipping you:

This one day course offers a practical introduction to the remedies and their use. We will also cover the process of creating new remedies, their preparation, action and distribution.

Time permitting, we will go through some energy awareness exercises to experience directly the action of a brand new remedy.

Mark has worked with these essences for over 20 years, completing the Nelson/Bach three-tier training programme to practitioner level. He also develops his own flower, crystal and environmental essences and is a registered, practicing homeopath. This course has been run many times in Dublin, Clare, Leitrim and Galway over the past few years.

Course preparation

Course Outline

    1. Introduction to the class. - what experience? Expectations? Discussion.
    2. Flower essences, what are they? What use are they?
    3. Different kinds of essences. Environment essences. Vibrational Medicine. “The shaman and the priest” with regard to Bach and the foundation.
    4. Dr. Edward Bach, life, times, work as a surgeon, bacteriologist, homeopath and his publications.
    5. Intro to the 38 Bach Flower essences. -- The Rescue Remedy, Cream and their constituents.
    6. "The Twelve Healers". The original series of "Polycrest" or "type" remedies.
    7. Bach's seven essence categories.
    8. Case “openers”. Holly, Wild Oat, Agrimony and Star of Bethlehem.
    9. Cerato FlowerFocus on some select remedies.
      • The depressives: Gentian, Mustard and Wild Rose
      • The indecisives, Scleranthus and Cerato.
      • The downtrodden: Larch, Mimulus and Centaury
      • The Holly, Willow, Pine heart triangle.
      • The Etheric repair remedies: Star of Bethlehem, Walnut and Aspen.
      • The over-responsible: Oak and Elm.
      • Tiredness: Hornbeam and Olive
      • Stress and Worry: Impatiens and White Chestnut
      • Guilt and Shame: Pine and Crab Apple.
      • The needy mother and child: Chicory and Heather.
      • Spirtual Emergency: Cherry Plum, Sweet Chestnut, Rock Rose
      • Moving on: Honeysuckle and Walnut
    10. Group exercises. Case taking examples.
    11. How Flower essences are made. Preparation of Mother tinctures, stock bottles and treatment bottles. Various methods. Gems, moonlight, environment essences, alternatives to alcohol.
    12. Make up your own treatment bottle.
    13. How Bach Flowers fit in with Homeopathic treatment. How do they differ from homeopathic remedies?
    14. Discussion of new essences and energy exercises, (time permitting)

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Fees, Booking etc.

€65 for the day, paid in full to book your place (€20 cancellation fee if 1 week before course. €50 thereafter)

Please note that payment is due before the course and not on the course date itself.

Call Mark on 087 2380720 or email mark [at] homeopath [dot] ie to book.
Places limited to 15.


  1. Bank Transfer to Mark O’Sullivan, BOI Dún Laoghaire, 90-11-16 48422149
  2. Payment by Credit Card. Use this PayPal link
  3. By cheque or postal order to "Mark O'Sullivan" Appletree, 126 Ranelagh, Dublin 6


"The Bach Flower Remedies day course was very good and informative. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the day was well scheduled. I found it very useful and I'm now confident to use the Bach Flowers in my Clinic.
Thank you for all that. Looking forward for upcoming courses!
Kind Regards, Tania Dunne, Kinesiologist."

"Thank you Mark for the sound introduction to Bach's life and work, the great handouts, fun group exercises as well as the hands on essence making experience. Very much in keeping with Bach's simple and intuitive approach to healing, this course has given me enough information, inspiration and practical advice to start prescribing flower essences straight away - food for the soul!" - Rita Garland Lic.I.S.H.  ISHom

Mark is a very natural talented teacher who plans exactly and thoroughly what he wants to impart during his course. You'll come away with great information from his workshop as well as practical handouts. He is very generous with his knowledge and his personal collection of essences to try out. Taking part in the creation of an essense I found fascinating and special. - Rhóda Uí Chonaire Lic.I.S.H. ISHom

Many thanks for a truly educational, enjoyable day yesterday....much food for thought and great options for supporting our clients. - Helen Healy, Homeopath

Mark's course provided me with a clear and detailed overview of flower essences, the different types of essences and their use. We also learned how to make an essence which was a wonderful experience and 'proves' how powerful essences can be. Mark's style was like a conversation with an enthusiastic friend and I feel like I absorbed lots of information without actually being lectured at. Very enjoyable and I highly recommend this course. - Ailish Farragher

Some Links

The Bach Centre at Mt. Vernon. The Home of the Bach Flower Remedies

Official Nelson/Bach website - Providing information about the remedies and where to get them.

The Bach Flower Research Programme - Julian Barnard, Mechthild Schieffer and others. Excellent resource.

Descriptions of the 38 Remedies - From the "Rainbow Crystal" website. Better than most descriptions that are freely available

English Healing Herbs - Julian Barnard's Bach Essences

Bach Flowers Online - very good, informative and insightful descriptions of the flowers.'s Bach Flower Articles - Good descriptions of the remedies and info on Bach.

About Edward Bach - From the "Who Named It" website.

"Healing the Emotions" - by Stefan Ball at Homeoint

Wikipedia: Bach Flower Remedies, Edward Bach

Jonathan Treaure's excellent Herblog has a Podcast on Edward Bach and his discoveries

Bach Flower Remedies - "The Journey to Simple Healing" excellent documentary about Dr. Bach and his remedies on YouTube